English Practice Lab

Join fun conversations and learn at the same time for FREE!

Practicing English frequently is proven to improve your speaking & listening skills tremendously. But, if you don’t have anyone to practice with, then NOW is your chance to start practicing – no excuses.

This program is designed especially to allow you to focus on speaking. There are no grammar rules. Just speaking.

Each session will introduce and attempt to practice new vocabulary. All conversations are unplanned and flow naturally – like REAL English conversations.

Why join English Practice Lab?
  • It’s FREE
  • You speak with a native English speaker
  • Keep your English knowledge
  • Practice with a small, friendly group
  • Gain confidence in speaking
How Does it Work?
  1. Join English Chatter Facebook Group.
  2. You must have a Google account to enter the chat. If you don’t have one, sign up for one here. 
  3. You must have a microphone & webcam (optional).
  4. A link to a live Google Hangout will be posted on English Chatter at 8AM & 9AM (CST). Check your local time here.
  5. You click on the link & join the live chat.
  1. Be polite.
  2. Participate (speak).
  3. Be in a quiet place (not the street, or a noisy, internet cafe).

Saousen Garcia

Saousen Garcia is a certified English language instructor from the United States. She is an experienced teacher at language institutions in the United States, and also online. She is the founder of this website and offers private and group English lessons.


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